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Private Prisons May Profit

Despite recent state and federal legislation to reduce criminal penalties and free many non-violent prisoners, it appears that the private prison industry, including industry leaders ¬†GEO Group and the Corrections Corporation of America, the nation’s largest private jailers, will continue … Continue reading

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Skymall crashes to earth…

Flying on commercial airlines has gotten just a little more boring. No, I don’t mean “on-time” or “here are your bags” boring. I’m talking about what’s in the seat pocket. It looks like we’ll have to add the Skymall catalogue … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Scanner is (still?) FREE!

Whether you live in the big city or out yonder, you know that police, sheriff’s deputies, fire departments, and emergency medical personnel are on the job. The link below allows you to listen to the radio traffic among these agencies. … Continue reading

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Laugh it off!

When I created HalfAlert, I had two goals. They are: 1. To help people cope with the intensity of 21st Century Life with laughter. 2. Provide tools for getting to the truth of a matter using math, science, and history. … Continue reading

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Toolkit for Quantitative De-bunkers

Here are some valuable tools (via the Web) for critical thinking. Money Suppose you want to compare the value of something today (2014) with the same item 50 years ago (1964). Example: A basic 21 in. color TV was $400-500 … Continue reading

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The End of Native American Sports Mascots ??

Since the 1970s, schools and professional teams that use mascots based on Native American people have faced increasing pressure to abandon these names. Notable examples include the Redskins, Fighting Illini, Aztecs, Reds (Cincinnati), and the Indians (Stanford). As we move … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Rolls on…and gets more amazing every day!

These days, it seems that truth more often trumps fiction for crazy unbelievable events, theories, products and general human wackiness! Sometimes having a good laugh (or a snort of superiority) can help us move on and just “enjoy the show.” … Continue reading

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