Billionaires Help Trump make Bond

The New York State trial that recently ended with a judgement of over $450M against Donald Trump. He claimed to have money, while his lawyers proffered that he didn’t, and it looked like no bond companies would back him up. Without an escrow/bond, New York authorities will begin the process of seizing assets. Trump-MuskTowerHis backers pointed out that (as is often the case) no one had ever been hit with a penalty this large, but (as often is the case) they were wrong. There have been several court proceedings involving over $1 billion that have involved large corporations.
There has been speculation that other billionaires would help him raise the bond money. Just a day before the March 25 deadline, Trump has again proven himself the great deal maker. He has cut deals on several properties with some well known billionaires.

Where it all went
Trump ally and “X” social media failure ELON Musk has moved into Trump’s Manhattan signature property. Stipulations allow Trump to keep his apartment and hang out in the lobby to meet and greet.
Trump-dollarsFromBezos-VegasResort-1200wHis Las Vegas resort will be managed Amazon founder, JEFF Bezos. Again, Trump will run a gift shop for his fans, and Bezos has agreed to let him make photo/autograph appearances as part of an attempt to draw more high rolling gamblers to the tables.

Putin-GoodHorse-MarALago-1200wOf the deals, Trump’s Mar-a-lago club will be handed over to Russian Pres. Putin.
The deal allows Putin to transform the resort into stables, riding and dressage areas, and a 1 mile race track around the perimeter. Trump-MarALago-Putin-RidingClub-1200wAlso, Trump will provide Putin unlimited use of his private jet for round trip flights from Moscow to Mar-a-lago, with diplomatic immunity and Secret Service protection. Trump must, however, remain off the property and Melania will become Putin’s “USA Honey”. Stay tuned!

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