Larry David to stay in campaign until convention

After months of exposure in the Democratic Presidential primary race, comedian Larry David re-iterated his intention to continue his impersonation of Democrat (sort of..) Bernie Sanders. Despite Sanders’ win in the May 3rd Indiana primary election, there doesn’t appear to be any chance that Sanders will stop Hillary Clinton’s nomination for president.

Larry David & Bernie photo

Twice the fun–for the same price!
Can you tell who is who?

Some Sanders insiders have hinted that he is nearing a point where he will resign from the race, well before the Democratic National Convention. However, Larry David’s publicist, Gus Tinkley, issued a press release that indicated David was “in for the long haul,” and “will take his act all the way to the convention floor, since this is the easiest gig he has had in 20 years.” Beyond that, Tinkley said, “To hone his acting acumen, Larry is also working on impersonations of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (!), to be rolled out as needed.

Stay tuned, America!


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