True Stories

True Stories

2017: The “Russian Dossier” — all 35 pages

The “Russian Dossier ” is a series of memos by investigator Christopher Steele, which focuses on Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, et al, involved with Russians during the 2016 election cycle. made it available online, but it was poorly copied. I have “cleaned it up” (increased contrast, enlarged slightly) and here is a link to all 35 pages: TrumpDossier_35pp

1. The first investigation into Trump was initially funded by a conservative political website, The Washington Free Beacon, before Steele was involved.
2. (ref. page 2, items 3-4) : TRUMP IS A VERY NAUGHTY BOY! Everybody gets to be on camera at this hotel. I think Trump learned his lesson from this event.
3. (ref. page 30) Russkies offered (thru Carter Page) 19% of Rosneft, Igor Sechin’s Russian company if they (Trump) can get the 2014 sanctions lifted (he was banned from travel to the U.S.–booHoo).  Trump’s atty.Cohen was playing a key role–he had connections and experience with the Russkies.

From Newsweek feature on Cohen: He has deep personal connections to Ukraine. He is married to a Ukrainian, as is his younger brother, Bryan. The brothers dabbled in Ukrainian business, and his name is on two family financial companies in Ukraine incorporated in 1998. He and his younger brother were directors of International Ethanol of Ukraine, according to 2006 filings, Bloomberg reported. Cohen is what I would call a “nasty piece of work,” and a TrueTrumper. Read more at:

The Russian CEO, Sechin is a total Putin Guy (

74+ Years Ago…October 26, 1941


When the leaves start to turn, and there’s a nip in the air, it must be football season. Well, no, actually that means that the World Series is here!

Johnny Chung?

Johnny Chung?

Back in a simpler time, some N.Y. journalist/jokers created the legendary running back Johnny Chung and enrolled him in a fictional school, Plainfield Teachers College. Chung, the half-Chinese lad nicknamed the “Celestial Comet,” dominated the game and led the squad to a 7-0 record, as reported by sportwriters for the New York Times and New York Herald.

Natural Foods Held Key
Chung said the source of some of his strength came from eating wild rice at halftime. Before a “traitor” blew the whistle to Time magazine, the plan was to have Plainfield complete an undefeated season and play in the “Blackboard Bowl.”

The chief joker, Morris Newburger, a Wall Street broker, asked Time to keep it quiet, in exchange for “advance” scores. They declined. Newburger then tried an end run, by releasing the news that Chung and several other players had flunked out, and the remainder of the season was cancelled. This raised suspicions among several formerly gullible writers, and a little research showed that the Plainfield Teachers College of New Jersey did not exist.

Time and the New York Herald reported the farce. The New York Times never acknowledged they had been hoodwinked! If you search carefully on that season’s scores, there still is a trace in the Times (though no results for Johnny Chung or Plainfield College. During this 3 week period, you can see the Teachers outscored their opponents 75 – 3 !

Oct. 26, 1941 scoreboard

College Football Scores 10/26/1941

and the last score seems to be posted on Nov. 9, 1941

Scores 11/2/1941