White House to use temp agency for new-hires

With personnel leaving at a record rate, most recently Tom Bossert, the Homeland Security Advisor, Pres. Trump appears close to a deal with Manpower (ManpowerGroup) to fill cabinet and other high level positions with temporary contract workers.

ManpowerGroup job ad

Big vacancy coming? Click for full size image.

Recent openings posted on the ManpowerGroup website (see screenshot) include a most conspicuous opening for a “Chief of Staff”, indicating Col. John Kelly may soon  leave the Trump administration.

Whitehouse spokesperson Sarah Sanders acknowledged the move at Tuesday’s press briefing:

“Well, ah, as you know, the President likes to create a lean, fluid, combative, and fearful staff environment. Over the years he has refined his management style to eliminate the need for ‘full-time’ employees with benefits.”

When asked if the Whitehouse was considering using competitive bidding, including other agencies, such as Kelly Services, she offered a terse, “No comment.”  Through trusted sources, we were told that Kelly was offered a “piece of the action,” but declined, based on The Trump Organization’s failure to pay Kelley $5.1 M for services on multiple projects from 1996-2006.

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