Laugh it off!

cartoon of laughing personWhen I created HalfAlert, I had two goals. They are:
1. To help people cope with the intensity of 21st Century Life with laughter.
2. Provide tools for getting to the truth of a matter using math, science, and history.

For LAUGHS, I could only hope to be as clever as these satirical websites. Check them out. You may have seen The Onion, but there are plenty more–here are 3 of the best! Click the link–they should open in a new window.

The Bennington Vale Evening Transcript
The Borowitz Report
The Daily Currant

BONUS Friendly Fun Idea!

Some of the satire is so “spot-on” that I have to check the real news to see how much they are making up! So why not pick one that will “steam up” someone who sends YOU those annoying emails. Send ‘em some links and standby back for fun!

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