Products Gone Wrong

Products Gone Wrong

Hucksters and scamsters are among us, and they peddle this junk with no regard for quality or taste!

Feb. 2, 2018

Carol Wright Catalog is SHOCKING!

Even though Amazon is becoming the “king of the retail jungle,” we occasionally get junk mail that reminds us of the good old days. But now, I’m reminded of the Brian Wilson’s lyrics in “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times.”

Cover of Carol Wright catalogue

So fuzzy..

Remember the variety catalogs with a plethora of kitchen tools, pet sweaters, slippers, gadgets and knick-knacks…say like the Carol Wright catalogue that just came in (Jan. 2018).

Carol wright catalogue

This is not a prank or photoshop. Note the age restrictions on these goodies!

Flipping through the pages, checking out the new stuff is like comfort food for some. So you can see how it was a bit jarring when I hit pages 26-27!

July 19, 2014

Question: When is copper not just copper?

Ans.: When it costs $42 to $79 for 6.5 ft. of standard “RCA”  to 3.5mm stereo audio coax cables. Looks like they have created new “hybrid” elements. Here is a link to a 2001 whitepaper by U. Texas Thomas D. Kite, Ph.D., Audio Precision, Inc. He debunks this type of audio engineering nonsense and other audio products typical of the Skymall.

Long-Grain Copper wire OR Perfect Surface Copper.

Long-Grain Copper wire OR Perfect Surface-Copper. What–no copyright? If you care about your ears and quality audio for your family and friends, you should get the Perfect-Surface $79 set!

July 18, 2013

More Medical Devices from the Skymall

These ads pretty much speak for themselves–for the latest in alternative, unproven medical device technology, the Skymall is the place to go!

Another winner in the style department!

Another winner in the style department! With this helmet, no one need have thin or balding hair unless by choice!!

I would like to have one for the style alone, wouldn't you?

I would like to have one for the style alone, wouldn’t you?


Before you attach hi-voltage electrodes to your midsection, you might want to run it by a real doctor. These can burn the skin and cause other adverse events.

October 10, 2011

More Products of Questionable Value

I’m always on the lookout for scams, so during a recent flight, I grabbed the newest Skymall catalogue, hoping to find some bogus products–and I did! More than a few questionable medical devices, and for the sophisticated landscape designer, they sell zombie gnomes.  Here they are, the “HalfAlert Highlights”….

Zombie Yard Decoraton

Got Hair??

Laser HelmetDo these things work? There don’t appear to be any good studies. This appears to be an intelligent discussion:
Link to discussion on the physics of laser hair therapy.

March 10, 2011

Products for the Rich &/or Stupid

These are all real products, offered in the “Skymall” catalog (Nov. 2010)  that can be found in the seat pocket of your favorite commercial jet airliners.

$5.00/gal Gasoline

……….is just around the corner.

Fight back with this amazing $79.95 LED Device.

Here we go again..Middle East chaos, and we didn’t quite get around to that independence from oil project.
Are you ready to save BIG $$ with this simple device? Too bad the car companies have this diabolical international conspiracy (why else would the Europeans drive such tiny cars?) to keep this simple technology out of our cars.

Mileage Booster

Frozen Bushes are now a

It’s Spring, 2011, but you better order early–winter will be here before you know it!

Order early for next winter!
Order early for next winter!

Don’t just clean house this spring!

Rearrange your vibes too! When it’s time to move furnigure, hang things or throw stuff out, don’t just guess about the electromagnetic fields in your home–get high tech guidance and save a lot of couch pushing and backaches!
And, unless you have a spare lead box laying around the house,  don’t forget to order the $49.95 shielded case to ensure your readings are most accurate.

Feng Shui

Stop the Foot Gawkers

Another Get Ready for Spring tip from Halfalert. Alright ladies–no more excuses for those unsightly white feet! And guys can use it too (just as long as they’re shower fresh, right gals?).

Foot Tanning Machine