Trump: Clinton was a “nasty boy” on the golf course

After admitting he was guilty of sexual assault and harassment, and facing an unprecedented wave of disgust and rejection by the Republican Party, Donald Trump is doubling down again. This time, he is comparing, and blaming, his behavior with stories that Bill Clinton told him when they were golfing buddies–apparently Clinton talked, according to Trump, like a “very nasty boy, not nice at all,” on the links.

Trump went on to say that although he was uncomfortable with the tone of the jokes and stories, he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to offend the former president.
Trump elaborated:

“It is so ironic, that I’m the victim here. Before I started golfing with Bill, I could, with prayer and counsel, suppress any ‘impure thoughts’ that occasionally popped into my head. Somehow, because of Bill’s example, I began to think that sort of ‘locker room’ talk was O.K., you know? And now look at the mess I’ve gotten myself into! You can be sure that when I’m president, Bill Clinton won’t be invited to any of my fantastic golf outings! Besides, he’s a cheater and a mediocre golfer. Sad.”

Trump and Clinton golfing

Comic recreation of events that ultimately lead to the recent Trump controversy.

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