Carly Fiorina rejects suspending VP campaign

When Sen. Ted Cruz selected Carly Fiorina as his running mate, there were hopes that the choice of a failed female corporate executive, with no experience in public office, would fire up the Cruz crusade and gain enough fringe-belief delegates to stop Donald Trump.

Fiorina photo

Fiorina explains a fine point of her reality system.

Now, after a trouncing in the May 3rd Indiana primary, Cruz has thrown in the towel and suspended his campaign. But not so fast, says Fiorina. She plans to stay in the race, hoping to score a massive victory in California, site of her Hewlett-Packard financial success.

During a brief interview after Cruz’s last rally, Fiorina was questioned about the validity of running when her name was not actually on the ballot in California. Her response echoed several themes from her 2016 presidential campaign. She replied, “That’s your reality.”

She added:
“I know Ted Cruz will be on the ballot and I’m not a quitter. We’re going to get it done and stop the Trump Train, so that Sen. Cruz can un-suspend his campaign and save America.”

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