Trumps more closeknit than ever

In spite of all you hear about Trump wanting to overturn the election (still!), insiders suggest that Melania Trump has been a very calming influence, especially when she taught Donald how to do basic knitting. These ponchos show how Donnie’s tiny fingers can keep up with any woman!

Knotty Knitter magazine cover

Though they are no doubt on the cover due to their fame, but those are nice knots nevertheless kiddos!


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Transylvanian Disease Expert added to Covid-19 Task Force

Trump and Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis)

It’s hard to believe this could happen, but I definitely had a dream inspired by the amazing science being promoted by President Trump.

< Click the image for e-z to read text.

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White House to use temp agency for new-hires

With personnel leaving at a record rate, most recently Tom Bossert, the Homeland Security Advisor, Pres. Trump appears close to a deal with Manpower (ManpowerGroup) to fill cabinet and other high level positions with temporary contract workers.

ManpowerGroup job ad

Big vacancy coming? Click for full size image.

Recent openings posted on the ManpowerGroup website (see screenshot) include a most conspicuous opening for a “Chief of Staff”, indicating Col. John Kelly may soon  leave the Trump administration.

Whitehouse spokesperson Sarah Sanders acknowledged the move at Tuesday’s press briefing:

“Well, ah, as you know, the President likes to create a lean, fluid, combative, and fearful staff environment. Over the years he has refined his management style to eliminate the need for ‘full-time’ employees with benefits.”

When asked if the Whitehouse was considering using competitive bidding, including other agencies, such as Kelly Services, she offered a terse, “No comment.”  Through trusted sources, we were told that Kelly was offered a “piece of the action,” but declined, based on The Trump Organization’s failure to pay Kelley $5.1 M for services on multiple projects from 1996-2006.

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The Infamous Russian Dossier (2016)

2017: The “Russian Dossier” — all 35 pages

The “Russian Dossier ” is a series of memos by investigator Christopher Steele, which focuses on Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, et al, involved with Russians during the 2016 election cycle. made it available online, but it was poorly copied. I have “cleaned it up” (increased contrast, enlarged slightly).
Here is a link to all 35 pages: TrumpDossier_35pp.
Link: More notes on the Dossier.

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“Trumps don’t rat each other out.”

Is Trump Throwing
Kushner and Junior Under the Bus ?

(Feb. 1, 2018)  White House leaker sources have confirmed plea bargaining negotiations are underway between Robert Mueller and Lawyers for Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner,

G.Gordon Liddy ,Trump Jr, J Kushner

If anybody can toughen up these punks, it’s G.Gordon!

the President’s son-in-law. It turns out that Kushner and Trump Jr. have signed strict non-disclosure agreements that promise full loyalty to the President... more>

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I wasn’t made for these times. ( !! May be NSFW)

Even though Amazon is becoming the “king of the retail jungle,” we occasionally get junk mail that reminds us of the good old days.

Carol Wright Gift catalogue cover

Truly, a catalogue of comfort, don’t you think?

Remember the variety catalogs with a plethora of kitchen tools, pet sweaters, slippers, gadgets and knick-knacks…say like the Carol Wright catalogue that just came in (Jan. 2018). Flipping through the pages, checking out the new stuff is like comfort food for some..>full article


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With Priebus out, A.G. Sessions pushes back on POTUS

After an especially “interesting” week of drama in the Trump Oval Office, it’s easy to lose track of what all happened. The big news on Monday (7/24) was Trump’s tweets relentlessly bashing his Atty. General and early campaign backer, Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

After being brought to tears by Trump's Tweets, Sessions is pushing back.

After being brought to tears by Trump’s Tweets, Attorney General Sessions is pushing back, with support from the Senate and House.

By Wednesday (7/25)  Trump tweeted a major policy change: the military will not allow LGBT citizens to serve. This caught the Pentagon brass by surprise, and served as a distraction from updates on Congressional probes into Russian connections with the Trump campaign.

Then, a late Wednesday night phone call by (not yet actually serving in the position) Trump’s new capodicena, Anthony “Mooch” Scarmucci, to New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza, really blew up the news-cycle.

..More >

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Donald Trump Jr. Hires Food Taster; Bugs Rumored

With recent revelations regarding the turmoil in the Trump Whitehouse, a new outside threat has appeared, and several staff members have taken action: food tasters are now as common as criminal lawyers amongst Team Trump. Most notably, though he is not an official staff member, is Trump Jr.’s recent acquisition of a “master taster”.

Donald Trump, Jr.

Donald Trump, Junior

Trump Jr.’s extensive contacts (email and meetings) with Russians may have jeopardized deals with the Trump business and other “off the record” deals that  Trump has made with the Russian Mafiya, where Putin is a powerful, though “unofficial” officer.

Several opponents who have crossed Putin and his cronies in both politics, and in attempting to apply the rule of law, have been killed (link to details). Most died from various poisons, radiation or more violent methods.  Thus, a food taster (most Presidents use them) becomes a basic necessity, in addition to bodyguards and other more “conventional” protection afforded people of power and influence. Did Obama have a food taster? The Snopes website rates this a “true”!

More Tasters and a few Bugs Appear

Can you see the "bugs?" Click on the image to test your counter-espionage IQ.

Can you see the “bugs?” Click here to test your counter-espionage IQ and see the wired men.

Perhaps even more telling of the tense mood and conflict within the Trump inner circle, is the rumor that some staff, including Jared Kushner, have hired backup food tasters, and are  wearing recording devices under their clothes, to rectify the complex set of values needed to stay out of prison, stay alive, and still remain “on-board the Trump Train” to make America great again.

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Trump threatens Adobe

Just weeks into his first tumultuous term, President Trump has disparaged major, mainstream news outlets, calling them fake news.

Obama & Little Trump

The “Little Trump” meme has been very upsetting to Mr. Trump.

Now, he is livid about unflattering internet images created with Adobe’s Photoshop, and in a (leaked) phone call to Shantanu Narayen, the Adobe CEO, Trump suggested “bad things,” such as computer hacking, might happen unless they modify Photoshop programs to prevent manipulation of Trump images.
Link to full article..

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Final pre-election updates: Trump

Christie has special transition plans for some areas of U.S.

Gov. Chris Christie, who is Trump’s “transition team leader” has been discussing post-election actions to drive home Trump’s special theme of unity. Sources close to his team have mentioned possible “attitude adjustments” will be in order for certain areas of the U.S. that were Republican strongholds, but didn’t get on the Trump Train.

Link to full article..


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